lördag 5 april 2008

I’m in such a great mood today! I almost can’t believe the things I wrote below. I’m not really that kind of a person who says that I’m happy, because I don’t feel very happy all the time. Today I feel like spreading love around, haha. I love my flickr-friends because they say so many nice things about me and my pictures.

I’m back in Gothenburg now, because my school will begin on Monday. I have been in Växjö a couple of weeks since Daniel are studying there. I don’t look forward to it, because I’m kind of tired of that school. It’s going to be fun though to meet some old class mates (and to get some photography back in my life again). I love Gothenburg. It’s such a nice city. I have lived here for almost three years now (almost all the time). It’s Sweden’s second largest city, but it feels like a small town. Old houses, the sea, mountainous surroundings, trams and friendly people. If you have never been to Gothenburg, you absolutely should go here.