lördag 21 juni 2008

I have been listening to my brothers newest song all day long. I really like it. Even If he dosent have the most expensive and the best equipment. He's really talented. You should listen to it here. I made the cover (and photographs of course) to his new EP.

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Nina sa...

Hi, I love your pictures and I visit your ebdo blog very often to see if there is something new :) Unfortunately I don't understand Swedish but I very like Sweden, I was in Stockholm few years ago and I'll go back someday:)
If you want to see my pictures go to www.poswojemu.fotolog.pl
Greetings from Poland!

Sarahsaturtle. sa...


i like your blog a lot.
you live in sweden :).
omg, what is it like?

that excites me alot.
i live in america.
i wanna be in europe though. lol.