tisdag 24 februari 2009


I'm starting to feel comfortable and at home in Stockholm. I love wandering around the streets. I'm feeling a bit stressed about some things I need to be done with. I'm shooting a band next week and I have to finish an artwork for a CD. I'm doing two portfolios right now and I have to finish my real portfolio also. Tomorrow I'm going to drink drinks with one of my best friends, Victor, who lives in Stockholm.

I was a bit skeptical to Poladroid at first. Everyone seems to abuse that damn program. But now I love it.. But why does the pictures always seem to be way too blue or red?

Don't forget the new update on my flickr!

7 kommentarer :

popsongs sa...

verkligen jättefina bilder!

David sa...

fin blog! kom hit genom flickr.

sara. sa...

you need to change the address of the website to the new one (:
im glad your posts are in english now.
ive been following you in flickr, i admire your work.

Christopher Landin sa...

har också varit lite skeptisk, men vågar man fråga vart man kan ladda ner detta program?

Christopher Landin sa...

Nu såg jag vad det hette!
Tack ändå :*

Nel sa...

Hey! I'm so glad you are writing in english as well. Love ur photos!

Joanna Goddard sa...