tisdag 7 juli 2009


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sofia sa...

Din blogg är så särskilt fin.

Lu sa...

I really love your blog, i think it's perfect.
I have to admit that i've reading it for a long time now. I first found your old one (and i'm really sorry about what happened with your last relationship, i think you were the best couple ever) and i completely falled in love with. After searching for months i realised something had happened and you might had closed it. Today i magically found the link to your flickr (which is amazing too) and i was very happy to see that you had open a new blog.
I have a blog too but i don't think you can read it because it's in spanish (who knows, maybe you can), but i will really love to open it and read your comment.

Sometimes i wish i could understand swedish.
With love, Lu.

Anonym sa...

soft bild!! :):)