måndag 9 november 2009


Hello friends!

I have decided to sell a print to some one of you out there. I'm going to have an auction on this picture (a piece of my work "Avslut", www.flickr.com/photos/emiliebjork/2806608410/in/set-72157....)

The picture is 19 x 19 inches (50x50cm) without assembly, printed on matte Fuji Crystal Archive paper. Of course I will give you a little message and I will also sign the back of the picture.

The bid starts at 24 USD (16 EUR) and you are free to give me a bid via my e-mail (emiliebjork(at)gmail.com) or at my mail at Flickr. Just send me your bid with the subject "Avslut auction" and I'll give you an respond to tell you if you lead the auction or not. I will quit the auction at Sunday 15th of November, 8 pm.

See the auction at flickr here.

So start bidding now guys!

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