tisdag 29 juni 2010


Look what my friend Christopher made for me! Cute. Have a look here.

random mobile pictures

Some pictures from my cellphone.

Me and Erik having dinner at Röda Sten.

Oliver last night at Rumpanbar.


Thinking of hot dogs.

Eating hot dogs in the park!

Nom nom.

My favorite food!

Playing cards in the park.

Having free beers at Avalon Hotel.

Playing Busungarna. My favorite game when I was a kid.

In my park.

Erik and Jakob at Styrbord Barbord.

Me and Gabrielle.

midsummer eve

Here's some pictures from my midsummer eve. We celebrated at Thea's house. It was so fun! I'm gonna upload some more pictures later tonight. But now I'm off to my park with Erik to eat hot dogs! Later.

Fanny and Carolina.

Jakob and Thea are drinking shots.

Me and Erik.

I got a microphone!

And Christopher got a head. Haha.

Erik is drinking a Green Goblin cider. Cool.

Summer gal.


We switched midsummer eve presents.

Sara and Thea.

Gabrielle made me a garland of flowers .

Thea likes pink and black! I love her room.


Me and Gabrielle are preparing dinner.

Gabrielle! <3

söndag 27 juni 2010

midsummer day

On the midsummer day me, Christopher, Erik and my dear friend Gabrielle sat in a park, drank champange and celebrated. It was really nice and sunny. I have finally got a sunburn .I NEVER get a sunburn. I'm just white, white, white.


The other night me and Erik had a wonderful picnic.

onsdag 23 juni 2010


Hahaaaa provade tigerbalsam på läpparna och ser nu ut som LINDA ROSING. HAHAHAA.


Känner mig bara så jävla vilsen. Som ett genomskinligt spöke som bara glider omkring och spottar på alla. Och hatar alla. Varför i helvetet ska det vara såhär. Göteborg är för litet. Och jag vill ha allt. Men får ingenting. Helvetes jävla Göteborg. Ska gå i ide nu. Aldrig mer vända mig om och titta på er. Aldrig mer. Jag ska släppa er.

Det enda bra är att Gabrielle kommer på fredag.

tisdag 22 juni 2010

live aquatic pictures

Here's some pictures from Live Aquatic festival.

måndag 21 juni 2010

home sweet home

Some pictures from my home. Enjoy.


Jag ÄLSKAR min hatt jag fyndade för 10 riksdaler. ÄLSKAR. Bilden har Daniela tagit.

live aquatic

Last weekend I was really busy. I worked and showed some of my photographs at a festival called "Live Aquatic" (from the movie Life Aquatic). Everyone had blue shirts and red hats. I didn't need a hat but I tried one out anyway. I promise to show you some more pictures soon! Have a nice week.