måndag 14 juni 2010


The other day I saw Woody Allens Manhattan on tv. It was awesome. Altough I have a little hard time to take both Diane Keaton and Woody Allen serious. Diane Keaton and The Father of the bride is TERRIBLE. And Woody Allen is great - but he married his own daughter. And that's kind of disturbing. How the hell can you go from the worlds most greatest Mia Farrow to his own damn daughter. SICK.

4 kommentarer :

Anonym sa...

Perhaps you should state it's not his biological daughter? So they don't have any blood-related DNA. Why being so judgemental?

emilie anna evelina sa...

i think is disgusting anyway.

isadora gometti sa...

my boyfriend says the same..
he hates that fact.

but we think he's a genius

emilie anna evelina sa...

yeah he truly is!