tisdag 29 juni 2010

midsummer eve

Here's some pictures from my midsummer eve. We celebrated at Thea's house. It was so fun! I'm gonna upload some more pictures later tonight. But now I'm off to my park with Erik to eat hot dogs! Later.

Fanny and Carolina.

Jakob and Thea are drinking shots.

Me and Erik.

I got a microphone!

And Christopher got a head. Haha.

Erik is drinking a Green Goblin cider. Cool.

Summer gal.


We switched midsummer eve presents.

Sara and Thea.

Gabrielle made me a garland of flowers .

Thea likes pink and black! I love her room.


Me and Gabrielle are preparing dinner.

Gabrielle! <3

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Jack sa...

I always want to go to one of these parties. x