tisdag 8 juni 2010


Movies I've seen the last days:

Cannibal Holocaust
Last Days
Benny's video

I wouldn't recommend to watch Last Days although I love love love Michael Pitt. But I definitely recommend to watch everything that Michael Haneke ever done.

Last night we celebrated Thea's birthday on Pustervik with a couple of beers. Tonight she's having a barbecue party. I'm gonna try out my new bicycle for the first time this year. I hope the party will become a blast.

And I still cannot sleep. I went to bed at 3 AM and woke up 7 AM and I'm so tired but I cannot sleep at all. I have watched crappy tv-shows all morning. Everything from The Nanny to Tv Shop. Does anyone have any blog tip for me? Give it to me! I need to do something when I cannot sleep and I'm tired of feeding my brain with crappy tv-shows.

(Picture from here)

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