tisdag 13 juli 2010

summer days

Here's some picture from my summer so far and my vacation to Denmark with my family.

My new cups and strawberries!

My rings.

Erik is taking a nap.


I bought new sheets.

Pink underwear.

And the window in my room.

Me, dad and mum taking a beer at Gothia Towers.

The beach.

Erik and the sky.

Dad and the barbecue!

Erik and my brother at the beach.

My mum and the beach.

Dad and the beach.

And me and the beach.

Me and dad at the ferry to Denmark.

A nice castle in Denmark.

My hats are finally on my wall.

I bought a new flower and picked some outside my house.

Going out in the sun.

And Erik as well.

Erik and his arty home.

Erik is sleeping next to the doggie.

3 kommentarer :

pris sa...

seems like you had a nice holiday! i still have to wait some more weeks..

sandra sa...

oj, vad många fina bilder!

E R I N sa...

love your rings and hats.
beautiful pics as always...x